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The not-for-profit arts community is the keeper of civilization’s cultural heritage and the source from which will spring contemporary society’s legacy for the future.  The reflective arts (SEE: Reflective Art and Visceral Art ) must be carefully nurtured because their full appreciation puts demands on perceivers which are far greater than is true of many activities which compete for their attention.

Photo of Doug Borwick Recognizing the special needs of arts organizations, each of NfPVision ’s conference and workshop presentations can be tailored specifically for the arts community.  In addition, Building Communities, Not Audiences: Re-imagining Arts Programs is designed to encourage arts organizations to consider the relationship between mission, marketing, and the nature of the audience in the twenty-first century.

Doug Borwick, founder of NfPVision, is a professional composer who earned his doctorate from the Eastman School of Music.  His background as a practicing artist and producer of performing and visual arts events affords him special insight into the world of arts management.

Here is what Jack Le Sueur, Community Programs Administrator for the North Carolina Arts Council, had to say about Dr. Borwick's work with arts organizations:  

One of the presenters at our local arts councils conference last month was Doug Borwick, Professor of Arts Management and Music at Salem College in Winston-Salem. His session on board development and strategic planning was superb, and he is one of the very best presenters I've ever seen in action (and I've seen a lot, believe me). His workshop was filled with solid content, spiced with humor and grounded in a deep understanding of the arts and the nature of arts organizations.  If any of you or your constituents are in the market for a top-notch presenter or consultant, I recommend him highly.

Comment about Building Communities, Not Audiences: Re-Imagining Arts Programs:

Doug Borwick raises critical questions about the future health of what he calls the reflective arts--the arts that feed the soul. His challenge to the arts world to broaden its vision in programming and marketing is well-founded in light of worldwide demographic and economic shifts. Our experience in Northern Ireland suggests that the arts are an essential tool in the process of community building. Dr. Borwick provides a framework to consider ways in which that can begin to happen on the local level.
Aideen McGinley
Permanent Secretary
Department of Culture, Arts, and Leisure
Northern Ireland

You really opened a can of worms of new thoughts and ideas.  I have not been able to stop thinking about your presentation and how to utilize it to its full potential.  Those of us in arts administration must re-think how and what we deliver to our audiences.  Arts education is virtually gone from our school systems.  Now we must become arts producers, presenters and developers.  Thanks for starting the process.
Barry Mandel
Executive Director, Theater District Association (Houston, TX)

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The federal statute which established tax exempt status does not include the word "art".  All not-for-profit arts organizations are granted 501(c)(3) status on the basis of their educational activities.

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